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There are two ways to legally end a marriage: divorce and annulment. While most people have a solid grasp on what divorce is, annulment remains somewhat of a mystery. At its most elemental level, annulment ...
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Estate planning is not always easy or straight forward but it can be done

Living Trusts v. Wills: What and Why

Do you have a home, a car, or a checking account? Congratulations, you have an estate! No matter how small your estate is, it is almost invariably worth putting a little thought into what will ...
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Alimony: A primer

“When they first started writing all the divorce laws, it was almost called ‘all the money,’ but someone thought that was too forward. Now we just call it alimony.” -    Unknown    - What is it? ...
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High Asset Divorce: Some Considerations

What is at Stake? Divorce is an expensive and emotionally taxing endeavor. Not only are you separating from a spouse but you are potentially splitting your assets, deciding who gets the kids, dissolving partnerships, dealing ...
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Divorce or Bankruptcy…Which Comes First?

**Disclaimer** These are basic guidelines and considerations. Please consult a legal professional to find the best course of action for you. Unfortunately, divorce and bankruptcy often go hand-in-hand. Neither is a particularly pleasurable experience; however, ...
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How Long Does it Take to Get Divorced In Tulsa?

One of the first questions people ask during a consultation is how long the divorce process will take, start to finish. The answer is a very lawyerly “it depends.” The timeline depends on whether or ...
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