What we can do for you


As circumstances change, the alimony obligations following a divorce may need adjustments. Our firm can help you make those adjustments, resolve arrearages in alimony payments, and navigate the confusing legal work that separates you and peace of mind.


Need a fresh start? By contacting one of our attorneys today, you will find quality representation that is sensitive to your situation, your needs, and will help guide you through this tumultuous time. Bob Hauge has represented clients from all over Oklahoma but specializes in the Tulsa Area.


Sometimes, the best way through a bad situation is not dragging it out but finding a quick solution. We at Brown Law Firm provide premier mediation services, helping you find a satisfactory agreement with all involved parties. Litigation can be time consuming and costly, not to mention emotionally painful. Contact one of our attorneys today to find out how we can help make the best out of your situation.


Your child deserves to grow up in the right hands. If you have questions about the custody of your child or want to make a change to the custody agreement, we can help you. Make the decision, contact us today.


Has your situation changed? Need to make some adjustments to your divorce decree?  Let us help. Our legal expertise can help you make the changes you need. From property divisions to custody, we can get you where you want to go.

Child Support

Do you have questions about what child support you deserve? Is the child support owed to you and your children not being paid? We will do everything within our power and within the law to make sure you and your child are receiving the support you need.

Grandparent Visitation

Your grandchild is your grandchild. Divorce does not change that. If you need help arranging a way for you to visit your grandchildren, we can help.


When it comes to paternity issues, things can become difficult quickly. At Brown Law Firm, we can help you cut through the questions and objections giving you the help you need and your child the future they deserve.

Did you not find it?

That is ok! Not every situation fits nicely into a box. If you have a question or want to know what else we do, feel free to give us a call or email us.